Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Payment Methods


When ordering, the customer can choose the type of payment established by Forms of Payment:
1) tiendaropacolombiana.com accepts purchases made through transactions of all credit cards AMEX, DINERS, VISA, MASTERCARD, and CREDENCIAL of the various 18 Colombian banks, and payment from checking accounts and / or savings (debit card) of all financial institutions linked to the network of ACH Colombia-PSE.
2) Bank Transfer, National Consignment.
3) International payments can be made in two ways:
a) Through Credit Cards.
b) International Money from anywhere in the world, if the case should send an email to colombiaropa@gmail.com and immediately send the data relevant for the operation.
To twists in dollars, intermediary bank is Citibank of New York, who makes the management from your bank and ours.
For orders in other currencies, the intermediary bank is Deutsche Bank in Germany, who makes the management from your bank and ours.
4) Payment contraentrega (Applies only to the City of Bogota - Colombia).

important for international wire payments:

Each bank has its own fee for sending money orders to the world. Such fee is charged to the sender of the money. Bank drafts will take maximum two (2) days to be received if they are in other currencies, and twenty-four (24) hours if they are in US dollars.


Payment systems

Automatic payment system: Our system purchase is subject to the laws in force in Colombia and is handled by our server PayU Latam pagosonline.net S.A.S. Purchases and prices include VAT; the application of the tax is based under Colombian law.


Security and privacy

1). Personal and shipping:

They are incorporated into a database to process your orders and shipments and inform you of offers, news of tiendaropacolombiana.com. If you want to be removed or modify your personal data in our database, email us at colombiaropa@gmail.com or call us at Customer Service +57 3002070316 / +57 1 3022237y gladly answer your request.

2). Details of your credit card:

They are treated solely on a secure server called PagosOnline.net A leading business payments or electronic channels in Colombia organization. And at no time you tiendaropacolombiana.com have access to data credit card traveling through the network encrypted and safely.


User privacy policies

tiendaropacolombiana.com wishes to inform users of this website of the following:

The information given in tiendaropacolombiana.com in different services is treated with utmost confidentiality and security, to a database. The information received is used exclusively by tiendaropacolombiana.com for purposes inherent to each service and will not be communicated to third parties unless tiendaropacolombiana.com is obliged to it for being public information.
Customers and / or users tiendaropacolombiana.com may, at any time, practice their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and obstruction of their personal data by writing to email: colombiaropa@gmail.com, or call us at service customer +57 3002070316 / +57 1 3022237y gladly answer your request.
By delivering the e-mail address and other personal data, required for the negotiation of services, Customers give their permission for such addresses are used to send commercial communications promotional or advertising of services and products offered by tiendaropacolombiana .com. It offers Customers the email address: colombiaropa@gmail.com and contact: +57 3002070316 / +57 1 3022237 and we will gladly answer your request, so that they nullify the consent given..


Conditions of Use of Contract

The use of the website to purchase underwear products in tiendaropacolombiana.com is express agreement of the following conditions:


General terms of contract between the customer and tiendaropacolombiana.com:

The customer expresses automatic when filling the registration form that is of legal age (18 and older) and has legal capacity to contract the services offered by tiendaropacolombiana.com, stating that it accepts the agreement and understand manner, and accepts full the conditions here for using this website and the services offered.


Tiendaropacolombiana.com the website makes available to customers this document that can be printed and stored. Data also contact customer service: +57 3002070316 / +57 1 3022237 and e-mail colombiaropa@gmail.com to have the opportunity to resolve any questions about the General Conditions.

tiendaropacolombiana.com reserves the right to make changes it deems appropriate in the terms and conditions. The changes will be included prominently on the website of tiendaropacolombiana.com
Tiendaropacolombiana.com products that are marketed via the Internet will be shipped hardware-mail to the e-mail and address indicated by the Customer in the register must fill. To this end, the Customer declares that all information provided when registering is true, complete and accurate and that under Colombian law on Protection of Personal Data, the person who registers expressly authorizes tiendaropacolombiana.com to proceed to include in a database automated character information contained in form fields to be necessary for the proper provision of the service. It indicates that the charge of the database is tiendaropacolombiana.com Victoria Herrera Galvis, RUT 37577281-4,
Contact: +57 3002070316 / +57 1 3022237 and we will gladly answer your request. email: colombiaropa@gmail.com for the purpose of exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition under the Act.

Customer gives manifest to receive electronic notices advertising and commercial developments tiendaropacolombiana.com so automatically when registering and the products or services it sells. tiendaropacolombiana.com offers Customer contact information described in the previous paragraph so that they revoke their consent. On the website of tiendaropacolombiana.com all content, trademarks, logos, logos, designs, among others. Listed, are protected by intellectual and industrial property are expressly reserved by tiendaropacolombiana.com or, where appropriate, by the persons or companies listed as authors or right holders. the prior consent in writing of tiendaropacolombiana.com for uses other than the legitimate information or hiring by the users of the services offered will be necessary. Otherwise the infringement of these rights will be prosecuted in accordance with current legislation. Therefore counterfeiting, use, processing, marketing or public communication is prohibited by any title or means of the contents of the website tiendaropacolombiana.com tiendaropacolombiana.com not be held responsible for links to other websites that are not owned and therefore can not be controlled by it. You need to be made in writing any notice, demand, request or other communications to be made by the parties in relation to the terms and conditions, and deducted that have been made when they have been delivered by hand or sent by email or the address of the other party, or to any other address or e-mail for this purpose each party may designate to the other. Photographs of the shopping cart for each brand, are taken in a scenario that has an exterior light, brightness and picture quality for digital catalogs. The color we see in photographs from the shopping cart for each brand depends on the lighting conditions as well as the true colors. In some cases the quality of light can affect the color, becoming more or less force (physical phenomenon of light or vision). We can not guarantee that all display variables and perception of each buyer are identical to developed by the producer.


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